Community - We are Sternenschule

We are not just a school, we welcome the whole family. Parents are an important pillar of our school community and help supporting Sternenschule Duisburg in many different ways.

Close partnership Transparency and communication School development in collaboration Introducing the Friend’s Association
Close partnership
Transparency and communication
School development in collaboration
Introducing the Friend’s Association


1 Close partnership

Nobody knows your child as well as you do. We would like to accompany you and your child throughout its school years, and we want your child to feel comfortable while being able to explore its own potential. It is for this reason that we value a constant dialogue and a well-established contact to you as parents very highly.


2 Transparency and communication

Your child’s current stage of prowess is monitored by our educational staff at all times and on a regular basis, we discuss your child’s development with you in great detail. In addition to these fixed appointments, our doors are always open for you. Consultation hours are possible at any time; feel free to contact us for an appointment. If there is any change observed in your child that we deem worthy of discussion, we will always contact you and invite you over for a talk.


3 School development in collaboration

Your ideas and wishes are taken seriously by our staff and we would like for them to be heard. The parents’ committees of the several forms and of the school itself as well as the school’s AGUS (working group, ‘Arbeitsgemeinschaft’) comprise the voice of the parents. Their energetic support helps our school develop and realize new ideas.


4 Introducing the Friend’s Association ("Förderverein")

The Friend’s Association of Sternenschule Duisburg and the school itself are inseparable partners! By collecting and distributing sponsorship funds, donations and membership fees, the Friend’s Association contributes to financing our school. Members of the Friend’s Association are people interested in education as well as parents of current students. People interested in education may give donations on a one-time basis or even contribute regularly. The focal points of the Association are: 

  • Coverage of 20% of the school’s costs which are not funded by the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Acquisition of teaching materials
  • Implementing projects within the school that serve the purpose of gaining additional funding
  • Organizing school trips and excursions
  • Supporting the school’s public relations work true to the school’s concept


You can find additional information on the Friend’s Association in its statutes. The board informs about activities on a regular basis.