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1 Enrolment

Enrolment at Sternenschule Duisburg is generally possible when there are vacancies, even when the current school year has already begun. We process enrolments from the enrolment list up to October for the current school year. Families are invited by us to spend an enrolment day at our school, which includes talks with the parents and the child respectively as well as an entrance test to be undertaken by the children.
On principle, all children can be enrolled for our bilingual entry level. Prior knowledge of the English language is not a requirement. The number of vacancies at Sternenschule Duisburg is limited as every form has a maximum of 20 students. The final decision on each application is taken by the school. The entrance test as well as the assessment of the child’s kindergarden are both taken into account. The following criteria are of particular interest to us:

Language skills
Social skills
Gross/fine motor skills
Mathematical competence
Auditory perception
Visual perception
Ability to concentrate
Level of endurance
Willingness to make an effort
Communication skills


2 Sternenschule ABC



The AGuS ( =Arbeits-Gemeinschaft unsere Schule, School Working Group) is the highest participation board of the school (equivalent to the “Schulkonferenz”, school conference). All those part of the educational or care work in our school are working together are given opportunity to contribute to the Working Group. Here, all matters concerning the school are discussed and proposals and suggestions can be brought before the school authorities and the school board (Schulaufsichtsbehörde).

The AGuS is composed of the headmaster / headmistress as well as elected representatives of the teaching staff (3 members) and the parents (3 members). Schools with up to 200 students have a school conference with 6 members.



The so-called Assembly is a fixed point in everyday school life, to which parents are invited as well. There is time for many topics like for instance appreciation of excellent performances or outstanding social behaviour, and also discussion of planned events in collaboration with the parents (St. Martin’s Day Parade, etc.).

The assembly currently takes places every Wednesday fom 8:30h to 9:00h.




As soon as they have acquired their license at school, children are allowed to come to school on their own bicycles. Wearing a helmet and using a roadworthy bike are mandatory.


Breakfast in class

During the first 15 minutes of the first break, all students will have breakfast together in their classrooms. We take great care to provide a healthy breakfast. 



Catchment Area

The catchment area of Sternenschule Duisburg includes the whole city region of Duisburg, as well as the neighbouring towns and cities.


Class teacher

The class teacher is in charge of all matters concerning the class. They are also the first person to contact in case of any questions or problems. Apart from Parent-Teacher Evenings, it is possible to make appointments for further talks.


Class conference 

A class conference can be called at any time. Participants are elected representatives of the Parents’ Committee and all teachers teaching the class in question. Class conferences deal with problems of the class or of individual students.


Complaints are to be directed to the headmaster’s office, under existing laws. Regardless, possible conflicts concerning fair treatment of one another should be addressed with the class teacher first.



Computers have a permanent part in the educational programme at Sternenschule Duisburg. There are a sufficient number of computer work stations for every student to use, either with specific learning software during lessons or during the free learning periods. There is free internet access for students as well, which however will only be used under supervision. As an additional offer, students may obtain a “driver’s licence” for computers.



Early end of school days due to excessive heat (‘hitzefrei’)

Due to the need for reliable times in primary schools, there are no longer early dismissals of students due to hot weather. A daily, consistent teaching period must be ensured.  



In addition to the lessons, there are regular excursions to see places of interest; these are planned by each class individually. 



First Day

The first day at school for the 1st formers takes place on the 2nd regular school day after the summer holidays. At 9:30h there is an optional church service. At about 10:30, there will be a welcome party at the Forum which has been designed by the older students. Afterwards, the new students will be taken to their classrooms by their new class teachers for their very first lesson. During that time, the parents will be informed about the most important regulations of Sternenschule Duisburg over a cup of coffee.


Friends’ Association

Sternenschule Duisburg is in need of financial support to uphold the high standard of rich educational programme. The Friends’ Association contributes by collecting and distributing sponsorship funds, donations and membership fees from the parents. 




The dates of the several holidays change annually. Parents will be informed about the dates early on.



Our school’s homepage is here available.



Homework means assisted learning by practise and application of the knowledge that was acquired during lessons. It has been agreed on homework that amounts to 30 minutes per day in first and second formers, and 60 minutes per day in third and fourth formers. Sternenschule Duisburg offers the opportunity of doing homework under supervision during the daily Working Hours.  





Lesson and break times

07:30h –08:3h0

Supervised time

08:30h – 09:15h

1st lesson

09:15h –10:00h

2nd lesson

10:00h –10:15h

Breakfast in class

10:15h –10:30h

First break on the schoolyard

10:30h –11:15h

3rd lesson

11:15h – 12:00h

4th lesson

12:05h – 12:50h

5th lesson (3rd /4th form)

12:00 h– 13:05h

Lunch break (1st /2nd form)

13:05h – 13:50h

5th lesson (1st /2nd form)

12:50h – 13:50h

Lunch break (3rd /4th form)

13:50 – 14:35 Uhr

Full-time programme (Working hours/Special tuition)

14:35 – 15:20 Uhr

Full-time programme (Working hours/Special tuition)

15:20 – 16:50 Uhr

Project groups / Playtime


Leave of absence

In case of family reasons or other important matters, it is possible for a student to be granted a leave of absence and to be released from classes for a certain amount of time. An application for a leave of absence must be submitted to the headmaster’s office, Mr. Predeik, at least one week before the first day of absence. A maximum of 5 days of absence is granted. If the absence is planned directly before or after school holidays, it will only be granted in case of extraordinary circumstances.

It is not allowed to use the leave of absence to extend the school holidays.

Lost & Found

Pieces of clothing, gym shoes and similar found items are stored in a Lost & Found box near the entrance. Valuables like spectacles, purses etc. will be collected at the secretary’s office. Please note that items not collected will be donated to charity before the holidays begin.


Lunch break 

In addition to breakfast, there is a lunch break for all students, happening in two alternating school hours. The younger students (1st and 2nd form) have lunch from 12:00h to 13:05h, the older students (3rd and 4th form) have lunch from 12:50h to 13:50h.

All students are invited to take part in the school lunch.

Ordering and billing will happen via the school.

Lunch will be prepared and ready on the tables, the students can help themselves. Later on, an elected table service takes care of clearing the tables.

Crockery and cutlery is provided by the school.



Mobile Phones

Students are not allowed to send or receive text messages during lessons. In general, using their mobile phones is only allowed at the beginning or end of the school day.



Parents’ Activities

Parents are encouraged to participate in many different ways:

Helping out at school events (i.e. sports day), being reading godparents, chaperoning at excursions or even as ‘specialists’ regarding certain topics during lessons.

Other areas include the Class Conference, School Conference, the Parents’ Committee or the Friends’ Association


Parents’ Duties

Parents participate in designing the educational and care work of our school. They see to it that their children fulfil their school obligations and they are most welcome to be an active part of everyday school life, the several boards and the school-related education at home.


Parent Evenings

The chairperson of the parents’ committee invites the parents at least twice a year to participate in a parent assembly. Those parent evenings are the time and place to discuss basic matters concerning the lessons (curriculum, performance evaluation, class trips…)


Parent-Teacher Evenings 

Those usually take place in February and in October/November.



There are marked parking spots behind the school building. Parents driving their children to school themselves may use those spots for a short period of time to let their children get out of or into the car.


Project days /weeks

Project weeks usually happen every school year and can come in different shapes. There is always a varied programme during which the students’ works are presented at the end of a project week. Anybody willing to contribute to that programme is very welcome.


Project groups

Project groups take place Mondays – Thursdays from 15.20h to 16.50h and are mainly focused on arts, music and sports. Students may choose a project group for at least one semester.



“Rain breaks”

In case of bad weather, an acoustic signal will declare the so-called “Regenpause” (‘rain break’), for which class rooms and the Play-Room are available.


Report/Half-year report

During the early phase of schooling (1st and 2nd form), the students receive their reports annually at the end of the school years. 3rd and 4th formers receive an additional report at the half-year mark. Those reports describe the educational development and prowess in the several subjects in the early phase. Reports from form 3 onward also contain marks for the several subjects.


Report conferences

Members of the report conferences are all teachers as well as the educators and care workers. The class teacher presides over the conference.



School administration

Anja Johannknecht, Headmistress and Petra Ray, Head of organisation, office hours after prior appointment Tel. +49 203 73883011


School authorities

BISA Bildungs- und Schulakademie gGmbH, Zu den Rehwiesen 5, 47055 Duisburg,

+49 203 93560293

School books

Books necessary for the lessons are provided by Sternenschule Duisburg and remain in the school’s possession. School books or books from the school library that get lost must be replaced. On occasion, students will receive teaching materials which they may keep at the end of the school year.


School uniforms

The School Conference decided that the students of Sternenschule Duisburg are wearing standardised school uniforms, which is also supposed to be worn at public events (i.e. sports days). Follow this link to a reasonably priced selection.



During break time, the students may play on the vast, green school grounds. Securely installed playground equipment is available.


Secretary’s office

Our school’s office is usually open from 8am to 3pm and you can reach our school’s secretary, Mrs. Arenz, via Tel. +49 203 7388300.


Sick leave

In case of illness, the secretary’s office (Mrs. Arenz) will accept a sick report from 8:00 am onward or via E-Mail. We would like to ask the parents to inform us as soon as possible, so that organisational things (like the bus service) can be taken care of ahead of time. In case of illness around holidays and/or weekends we kindly ask for an officially notification of illness.






3 Dates, exemplary timetable

Please find all of our upcoming events here as a PDF.


4 Cooperation and partners

We actually cooperate with:


5 School Regulations & House Rules

Every community needs rules to ensure harmonic and effective learning and living. Following those rules helps create a climate of comfort and of friendly and respectful conduct with one another. This is absolutely valid for Sternenschule Duisburg, too!

The most important rules are summarized here:

  1. As a matter of course, all students of Sternenschule Duisburg will treat one another in a friendly and polite manner, will be considerate of their fellow students, will never hurt, tease, hit, punch or kick them, and will always help each other out if necessary.

And most certainly, there will be no mobbing towards among students.

  1. Punctuality is of vital importance for a regular daily schedule. This is why we will always be on time for the first lesson, starting at 8:30h, and we will also not be late when returning back from our breaks.
  2. We are not allowed to leave school grounds during class time.
  3. We will keep quiet during lessons and inside the school building, so that we do not disturb the other children in their studies.
  4. As a team, we see to it that we always leave our classroom, the cafeteria and any other rooms within the school as tidy as we have found it, and that we always put back all materials where they belong.
  5. We will handle all school books and the school’s inventory (furniture, tableware, etc.) with care.

If a student intentionally destroys school property, either with malicious intent or by careless handling, they will be required to compensate the school for the damage done.

  1. The school toilet is not a lounge room. We leave the stalls and the sinks clean and tidy.
  2. Breaks are usually spent on the schoolyard. In case of bad weather, an acoustic signal will declare the so-called “Regenpause” (‘rain break’), for which class rooms and the Play-Room are available.
  3. Students can be picked up after school from 15:20h. Those students staying for longer can participate in the project groups or will be cared for in our playtime.

The following educational measures will be taken if students violate our School Regulations:

  • A single violation results in one of the teachers engaging in a dialogue with the student, explaining to them the nature of the violation.
  • A second violation of the regulations results in a verbal warning for the student which will be documented by the teacher.
  • After three violations, the student will be called for a meeting with the headmaster and the violations will be discussed.
  • If there is no change in the child’s behaviour, the parents will be invited for a talk.
  • In particularly grave cases of mobbing, a committee (composed of the parents, class teacher and headmaster) will be formed instantly and the appropriate measures will be discussed and decided.


6 Online Forms

Please download here the enrollment. Please complete the form online and submit it directly with your signature.


7 Ask us

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