The concept at a glance

With our help, every child can reach for the stars. We help develop potentials.

Individual learning approaches Transparency Rooted in reality Learning competence
Individual learning approaches
Rooted in reality
Learning competence


1 Individual learning approaches

Our educators design their lessons and the content of their teaching as diverse as possible, to cater to the possibilities and qualifications of the children. It is our wish for the students to not only “keep up”, but to independently and autonomously learn and to rejoice in doing so. We want for our students to be able to fully develop their opportunities, interests and talents. All children possess joy of learning and curiosity, and it is our declared educational goal to nurture, challenge and develop these traits in every child individually..


2 Transparency

Another feature of the educational concept Sternenschule Duisburg represents is transparency. Offering our students understandable and helpful feedback on their learning process is of great importance to us. Close observation and a healthy teacher-student relationship enable us to recognize learning difficulties or mental blocks early on, and to offer the appropriate assistance immediately, which is achieved by close co-operation with the parents.


3 Rooted in reality

There is no isolated learning that is restricted to a single subject at a time at Sternenschule Duisburg. We present our teachings within a context of meaning, which helps developing joined-up thinking. In addition, we provide our students with ample opportunities to learn from experience and from real-life situations. Providing the possibility of practical approaches to theoretical teachings is of great importance to us, and we focus on relation to reality in our educational content. Our goal is to not just pass on knowledge, but to teach our students understanding.


4 Learning competence

“Learning to learn” is not just part of the ‘Early Childhood Education and Care Agreement’ of the German federal states [Bildungsvereinbarung der Länder], but it is the foundation for a life-long passion for something new, for development and the search for knowledge we would like to inspire within our students. We accompany the children on their way to learn taking the responsibility for their education in their own hands. The students of Sternenschule Duisburg are well aware of their capabilities, learning experiences and strategies to acquire and secure new knowledge. Self-directed learning and independence are of great significance in our everyday school life.