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Dear visitors,

On behalf of Sternenschule Duisburg we would like to welcome you to our homepage! Our team consists of teachers, child care workers, tutors as well as the in-house maintenance and administration staff and - of course - our students. Founded in 2012 and located in the south of Duisburg, Sternenschule is an independently operated, state-recognized private school and it is to this very date the first and only bilingual full-time primary school in and around the city of We offer a fully-integrated all-day concept, an international focus, small learning groups, state-of-the-art equipment, every day sports, movement, music and creativity.

Small classes of 15 to 20 students, an atmosphere of mutual respect as well as enough time due to the full-time concept are the groundwork on which we build our successful educational work. In addition to our broad general curriculum, Sternenschule Duisburg offers high-quality bilingual education (German/English) as the defining characteristic in comparison to public primary schools. All over Europe, bilingualism has evolved into the most successful means of learning new languages. On their way to a successful graduation after 4 school years, we take your children and their interests and talents very seriously. On top of the lessons, which are modelled after the curricula and teaching guidelines of North Rhine-Westphalia, we offer additional opportunities for your children to discover and nurture their passions. Individual tuition and after-school activities, for instance in the arts (i.e. school band or playing sports are a fixed part in our educational programme.)

This website will hopefully be of assistance and answer many of your possible questions about us. Are there still some questions left? Send us an E-Mail or give us a call: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +49 (0)203 7388300. We look forward to seeing you and your child!

On behalf of the team of Sternenschule Duisburg: Anja Johannknecht, Headmistress and Petra Ray, Head of organisation.



Sternenschule Duisburg is a state-recognized private school. This means that our school is operated conform to the educational guidelines and curricula of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and that our teaching staff meets a certain standard. Therefore, parents and students can always relocate to another German town within or outside of North Rhine-Westphalia, even if there are only public schools available, be it primary or secondary schools.
Sternenschule Duisburg has no obligation towards any political, religious or specific educational school of thought.




What prompts people to initiate a project such as Sternenschule? The original idea for our school arose from our ‘Zaubersterne’ kindergardens. When the first of those nurseries had been established in Duisburg, the question arose quickly: what would happen with the children afterwards? And, equally important, what about the pedagogical principles and values?

We imagined a place where learning and living would go hand in hand, where individuality and interests provide a high educational standard, instead of standardized systems that measure our children. To us, an international orientation, small study groups, state-of-the-art equipment and guaranteed lessons are a necessity.

But first and foremost, there was our strong wish for a consistent concept that would accompany our children from kindergarden age to graduation, based on equally high educational standards. By founding Sternenschule Duisburg, we have done a huge step towards that ultimate goal. The next step that has us reaching for the stars yet again is the foundation of a secondary school to complete our concept.



Team and faculty

Motivation is contagious! Our teaching staff is composed of enthusiastic educators who know exactly where the focus at Sternenschule Duisburg lies – on the children.
Our teachers see themselves as companions to the children in their educational process. They live and learn in a pleasant atmosphere of empathy and communication. Their passion is the key for the children to actually enjoy going to school. Our teachers and educational professionals are carefully selected and offer a high grade of educational competence and qualification. But it is just as important to us that their personality fits in with the rest of the team. Our educators are well versed with modern teaching methods and arrange their lessons due to German and international educational standards.

Name First name Function
Arenz Kristina Office/Secretary
Batey Martin Class teacher of the Eagle-class
Bransch Simon Subject teacher, class teacher Giraffe-class
Breuer Marie Student in primary education
Bruns Nele Student in primary education
Bui My-Nhung Teacher in primary education, class teacher of the Lynx-class
Clausing Martina Teacher in primary education, class teacher of the Kangaroo-class
Cohrs Gudrun Kitchen staff
Dempsey Sue Pedagogical staff (all-day school)
Giesen Martina Head of full-time organisation
Hollenberg Frank Taiwan Do-teacher
Honnen Severin Marketing & CI
Jansen Birthe Pedagogical staff
Johannknecht Anja Headmistress, class teacher of the Bear-class
Kuffel Melanie Kitchen staff
Lange Laura Teacher in primary education, class teacher of the Fox-class
May Susanne Teacher in primary education
Merfeld-Hilgers Michaela Managing director BiSA
Narsesian Rafi Subject teacher
Poley Uwe Pedagogical staff (all-day school)
Ray Petra Head of organisation
Reimann Bernd Janitor/Object manager
Rülander Ann-Kathrin Tennis trainer
Schlangen Nicole Educational therapist & instructor
Sikorski Holger Managing director BiSA
Stolle Bernd Music teacher schoolband
Thümmler Jennifer Pedagogical staff (swimming lessons)
Torres Jenika Pedagogical staff (all-day school)
Tsiasiotis Saffron Teacher in primary education, class teacher of the Lion-class
Völker Andrea Pedagogical staff (all-day school)
Volk Julia Subject teacher in music
Wähner Stefanie Pedagogical staff (all-day school)
Weigt Janine Teacher in primary education, class teacher of the Wolf-class
Wilmsen Nico Student in primary education


… our forms in the school year of 2020/21:

School year Class Teacher
1st form Giraffe-class Mr. Bransch
1st form Wolf-class Mrs. Weigt
2nd form Fox-class Mrs. Lange
2nd form Bear-class Mrs. Johannknecht
3rd form Lion-class Mrs. Tsiasiotis
3th form Kangaroo-class Mrs. Clausing
4th form Eagle-class Mr. Batey
4th form Lynx-class Mrs. Bui

Our curriculum

The curricula of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia are mandatory for every school. But at the same time, we try to think outside the box and include internationally acclaimed curricular into our own. We teach our students to understand local connections, so that they will feel at home in our globalized world without forgetting about their roots. The bilingual lessons we offer in some subjects are a specific feature in our timetable.

The following subjects are taught in German only at Sternenschule Duisburg:

  • German
  • Mathematics (1st and 2nd form)
  • Religious education
  • Special tuition

The following subjects are taught bilingually in German and English:

  • General studies
  • Mathematics (from 3rd form onward)
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Sports (including swimming)

English language lessons are offered as a separate subject 2 hours a week, in addition to the bilingual subjects and starting in the second half of the 1st form.



WILUK (Wir lernen uns kennen -  Getting to know each other)

Programme supporting the transition from kindergarden to primary school

“Children experience demanding changes during the transition from early childhood programs to primary school […], research shows that children’s initial academic and social success at school can affect their long-term adjustment, achievement, and success.“
Lee S, Goh G: Early Childhood Research & Practice, 2012

As cited above, the transition from kindergarden to primary school is an important step for every child. Kindergarden and school are equally responsible for securing a continuous process of development and education for the children. By collaborating in every step of the way, all involved parties accept and cater to this responsibility. The collective educational task at hand is to perceive the children in their different stages of development, to support them wherever possible and to ensure that the transition from one stage to the next is formed into a bridge instead of a breach. To meet this challenge, Sternenschule Duisburg, in collaboration with the Zaubersterne kindergardens has developed the WILUK project, to provide a smooth access for all participants.

The following programme, which has already been realised successfully in the past two years, will be implemented again in the following year: 

  1. A day of trial lessons at Sternenschule Duisburg (usually beginning directly after the Easter holiday).
    The newly enrolled students are broken up into 2 or 3 groups (6 to 8 children maximum per group) and participate in the normal lessons along with the 1st form students.
    • 8.30h, 1st period: school game (only the new students), to compile a profile of their abilities with regard to our school
    • 9:15h: 2nd period: shared mathematics lesson / topic: Adventures in Numberland
    • 10:00h: Breakfast, outdoors break on the schoolyard with rally around the school grounds
    • 10:45h: 3rd period: joint bilingual general studies / topic: Research and experimenting, afterwards: shared lunch
    • End of the trial lessons: 12:30h
  2. Trial afternoons at Sternenschule Duisburg (usually in June). On 4 weekdays in different weeks, the children have the opportunity of participating in the school’s afternoon programme along with the 1st form students (multiple students on the same day are permitted!). The afternoon programme usually takes place between 14:00h and 15.20h. Some examples from last year:
    • Monday: early childhood musical education
    • Wednesday: Arts/colour workshop
    • Thursday: English indoor activities
    • Friday: Sports adventures
  3. Family adventure day (near the end of the school year) at Sternenschule Duisburg.
    The children have the chance to participate in the adventure and experimental educational offers, while the parents can reflect on the WILUK-days in a relaxed atmosphere. Cold drinks and a tasty BBQ are a great foundation for a functioning school community.
  4. Mentoring 1st form students will become mentors to the new students from the first trial days up to the first half year of their education at Sternenschule Duisburg.